After a long period of aging, this wine takes on a brick red color with “ruby red” hues.  A fine characteristic aroma of an aged wine with a balanced woody scent. The wine is especially striking for the warm and concentrated red fruit, sour cherry, and hay fragrances it releases.  The dry flavor suggests sweet liquorice and jam with a “goudron” and forest like aftertaste that is both pleasant and persistent. A concentrated and powerful yet balanced wine with mature and well blended fragrances.

Intense ruby red color, to the nose stand spicy aromas (cinnamon and black pepper), coffee, small berry jam.  On the palate it offers persistent spicy and redcurrant sensations. Full bodied, full and balanced wine.

Intense ruby red color, fine and intense bouquet reminiscent of ripe red berry fruit with delicate hints of cherry, plum and blackberry.  Fruity prevalence that we also find on the palate. Strong tanins, but well blended by the passage in wood, which give this wine character and personality but without harming the overall softness and balance.  Harmonious finish with a pleasant and persistent aftertaste.

Intense ruby ​​red color with pleasant violet reflections. Complex and elegant bouquet of black cherry, blueberries, black currant and plum. A wine that is immediately appreciated for its good structure and freshness, it is warm and velvety in the mouth with a texture of lively but sweet and balanced tannins.

A hearty and robust wine, Tazzelenghe softens with the normal maturation processes associated with barrel ageing (oxidation and tannin condensation). The reddy violet colour, intense and vinous when young, changes to a red with brick hues after aging. The bouquet is expansive and pleasant with slightly woody undertones.


After a long aging period the wine takes on a straw yellow color, rich in golden undertones.  The delicate bouquet suggests hazelnuts, dates, and candied fruits with a slight vanilla scent.  A wine with a full bodied flavor and a reduced acidity level that contributes to the softness of the wine.  An excellent balance and fine, long lasting aftertaste.

Straw yellow color.  The intense and elegant bouquet offers a wide range of sensations ranging from white pulp fruit and citrus fruits to the characteristic notes of pepper and tomato leaf.  Delicate elderberry and vanilla notes that appear with aging. Taste finely aromatic, sapid and caressing, the soft taste allows to foresee remarkable evolutionary potentialities.  The long finish is proposed with warm and rightly aromatic notes.

Straw yellow color, characteristic elegant and intense bouquet with strong hints of acacia flowers, walnut husk, yellow peach and golden apple.  Harmonic and fine with obvious notes of yeast due to permanence “sur lies”. Exuberant on the palate where it becomes full and velvety with very prolonged fruity sensations supported by a pleasant freshness.

Sparkling, straw yellow colour with elegant greenish hues. The aroma suggests fields of flowers. The taste is dry and slightly bitter. The aftertaste is pleasantly fruity and floral with an elegant finish of bread crusts.